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The art of wrought iron has been in existence for centuries and since its creation it has been prized among some of the most magnificent metals.  Throughout history it was one of the most luxurious metals due to the amount of time and energy that went into creating every minute piece of it.  This metal which is steeped in beauty, strength and history provides unmatched class and style wherever it is used.  To create warmth and sophistication, in your home or on your property, wrought iron is a method sure to bring success.


Creating this magnificently formal impression is something Anna and Phil D'Angelo, of European Wrought Iron Works, accomplish on a daily basis for their clients.  Bringing over twenty-five years experience to the business D'Angelo started working alongside his father years ago, gaining the knowledge of a mentor from a previous generation and the refinement of a dedicated artist who continually educates and challenges himself through travel, research and innovation.


With a showroom catered to the client, the discerning customer can be confident in European Wrought Iron Works as they walk them through the process of choosing wrought iron for their home from start to finish.  "We are very hands on and involved through the entire process," says D'Angelo.  "And in the end, the work speaks for itself," he continues, "the clients are very happy and this generates more business.  We build relationships and count on creating new relationships by word of mouth."  This hands-on approach is absolutely one of the most beneficial qualities of this company.  In the end, "being involved from concept to creation brings over all flow," says Anna D'Angelo. 


What is there to consider when choosing wrought iron, one may wonder.  Phil D'Angelo explains that the first step is to meet with his client to find out what ideas they have.  Perhaps they are inspired by a particular era and would like something related to this.  The architecture of the home should also be considered.  The decision will need to be made as to how prominent the wrought iron will be in its design, is it focal, or a backdrop?  Once all of these things have been discussed the professionals of European Wrought Iron Works can take all of this information into consideration to expose their ideas to their client.  They offer their portfolio of previous work for the client to view as well as computerized drawings and authentic renderings from books on design referencing famous blacksmiths.  Some of these books are 100 years old or more collected from all over the world, particularly European countries where iron work is very prominent. This in depth study of true historic wrought iron work without a doubt sets this team apart in their authentic constructions.


Regardless of what your endeavour may be the key to success remains careful planning and consideration.  This is especially true when taking on the development of a wrought iron fence and gate.  Since European Wrought Iron Works completes the entire project from start to finish everything is planned out accordingly so that you will not run into problems half way through the process. This also keeps your options open should you wish to upgrade you security features down the road.


Within the last year this innovative company has developed an amazing patent pending pre-cast masonry column that may very well cause a revolution in the way wrought iron property gates have been done in the past.  Traditional in design and available in a beautiful limestone what once may have taken a month or more can now be completed in roughly a week.  Within the solid cement column are found many of the critical components including the roughed in electrical work and engineered steel post and base plate.  They are now available as a kit creating a complete turn key system.


Not only is European Wrought Iron Works one of the most innovative up to date companies in the industry its products are able to stand the test of time-and weather!  Extremes in temperatures require specialized design and fabricating techniques that can withstand Canadian climate changes.  Taking the time to go through the lengthy process of properly protecting your wrought iron, as European Wrought Iron Works does for their clients, will bring ultimate satisfaction as this permanent process will result in sustained beauty that will not weather, flake or rust.


Not only is there unsurpassed beauty in the art of wrought iron but there is also tremendous security within its strong walls.  "As security becomes increasingly important people want to protect themselves and their families.  One of the best ways to do that is to keep people at bay.  If they can't see the property or get onto the property you are less likely to have problems with intruders.  A gate system can give safety and peace of mind," says D'Angelo.  Often high enough to prevent intruders from scaling the walls, the addition of sharp caps can deter the most nimble trespasser and pairing your fence with tall hedges keeps anyone from seeing what is on the other side should that be your desire.  With options such as telephone entry system, auxiliary key pads, cameras, D.V.R's, lighting, surge protection, emergency access and more your security remains another important step in your planning process.


Any home can benefit from wrought iron and you will likely find that it brings that hint of warmth that seemed to be missing or the final touch on your landscaping when you just couldn't put your finger on what was missing.  Being a very exclusive company you will find that European Wrought Iron Works can tend to most any desire whether you seek home railings, outdoor fences, a majestic property gate, or even an awe inspiring wrought iron gazebo, it is all within arms reach.


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